January 15, 2019

To The Pleasantview LTP Coaches,

…Sebastian recently had a language arts project that he worked on independently over the Christmas Break and is now doing in class which has the theme of “leadership.” I had no idea – but he chose to write about you because and the reasons are that he is “ a great teacher and coach, he’s a very good skater, and he makes learning hockey fun.”  Two years after his LTP program, and he is still talking about you – what a positive impact you’ve had on our son’s life, which I’m sure he will be with him as he grows up. Thank you Brad!



April 18, 2016

To The Pleasantview LTP Coaches,

I just wanted to send Brad Hadfield and all the Pleasantview coaches a note of appreciation. My son (Jaxson who just turned 5) had a great time this season. In October, he could barely skate and now he is skating with so much confidence. My husband and I are so proud with how far he has progressed and it would not have been possible without you and all the volunteers. I was amazed to see such patience and dedication from all the coaches. No kid was left behind and I am sure all the parents feel similarly. My son drew a picture to thank you and all the coaches. The person on the very right is Brad. Tyler is the blue person beside you. My husband is in brown cheering. Jax is on the left shooting a puck into the net. I even made it into the picture way up at the top (holding the baby).


We look forward to seeing you next year. Have a great summer! Valerie

Hi Robert,

Congrats on a great LTP season! As I told you earlier, your program came highly recommended and it lived up to that and more. I have and will continue to pass on the good word on to other parents who have little ones starting learn to play next season and have been telling my OHF, Hockey Canada, etc. friends all about the program. Have a great spring and summer and talk to you soon.


As the season is coming to an end, I would like to acknowledge the excellent coaching and leadership Brad Hadfield has displayed both on and off the ice this entire season. I would watch him guide the volunteer parent coaches, and he would always have time to answer questions/concerns from parents. His own kids and wife were great at volunteering to help w/ paperwork at the start of the season, hand out socks, and help on the ice. Brad always emphasized that the children had to have FUN each and every practice.

As a parent, teacher, coach and athlete myself, I think Brad and his “team” have done an amazing job. Brad understands the importance of utilizing every minute of ice time to keep the kids moving and learning to skate, while having a wide variety of skills and drills, as well as fun games and mini scrimmages. But the emphasis is on fun, something that so many parents and coaches forget. My son loves coming to LTP practices at Pleasantview every weekend, and his skill level has grown in leaps and bounds. I’m actually going to hold off registering him in House League & Select for next year, because I want my son to have one more year of fun in the LTP program at Pleasantivew with Coach Brad Hadfield.

Bravo Coach Brad!

Thanks for a great season of LTP. We thought that it was very well run, and the coaches did a great job of motivating our son.

Hi Robert,

This is the second year that my daughter, Makayla has participated in the North York Knights LTP program. She’s been having a lot of fun and has been getting right into the sport of hockey because of the program.

I just wanted to say that everybody involved with the LTP program is doing a great job. The freshly updated website looks great and I appreciate the news and updates that are posted. Also, thanks for including that bit of information on the options for girls. I think eventually Makayla will have to move to an all-girls league, but I would like to keep her with the Knights for Tyke, based on our experience with LTP.

I think you guys should all give yourselves a pat on the back for ensuring that the program runs so smoothly every week. Without you guys, the program could not succeed. Keep up the great work!



Really impressed with the overall management/operation of the LTP program. Well done!

Hi Robert,

This was my son Andrew’s first year in LTP and I thought it was a fabulous program – a positive environment and very well organized and Andrew had a lot of fun.

My thanks to you and your coaches. Lisa