Knights Hockey Association

The North York Knights Hockey Association is incorporated as a not-for-profit, non-denominational, volunteer-run community organization dedicated to making hockey accessible and fun. It is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. The Knights serve families in the North York area and the northern part of Toronto. Our philosophy is to provide children a solid foundation of hockey fundamentals in a learn-to-play program before integrating game experience.

Three program streams – Learn-to-Play, House League and Select – provide over 980 players and their families with a hockey experience that meets their commitment and competitive needs. The affiliation with the GTHL Knights offers an additional option for players looking for more ice time per week and a higher level of competition.


The North York Knights Hockey Association’s mission is to be a leading community-based hockey organization that adopts and encourages best practices in all aspects of its programs while providing a fun, accessible and recreational hockey program for the youth of North York.

Leadership and Board of Directors

Name Leadership Position (¹ Officer of the Corporation) Committee Chair
Scott Lowry Director/President¹ Rules and Discipline
Michael Wren President Emeritus
Michael Binette Director/Vice President¹/Coaching and Website Finance
Bonni Ura Director/Registrar Select Program
Steve Horvath Director/Secretary¹
Rob Sondermeyer Director/Learn-to-Play
Brian Jamieson Director/Skills Development
Samantha Chousky Director
George Della Rocca Director
Brad Hadfield Director


The North York Knights Hockey Association’s overall goal is to provide a rewarding hockey experience for each child. The Knights seek to provide a safe and challenging hockey program where children are able to realize their potential through appropriate levels of play. We want each child to develop and improve their hockey skills so as to want to continue to play hockey.The North York Knights Hockey Association’s promotes participation on a fair and equitable basis for all players. Equal ice time for all is a fundamental policy of the association. Our goal is to provide a positive and enjoyable environment that encourages respect, discipline and good sportsmanship among coaches, players, parents and game officials while participating in the game of hockey. For the players, the primary goals are to have fun, learn the principles of the game, and learn the importance of team play, good sportsmanship and companionship. For the parents, our goal is to have them positively involved in their child’s development by becoming supportive fans and active volunteers, and by maintaining open lines of communication among the players, the coaches and the association.


The values and motivations that underpin the programs and efforts of the leadership team and the volunteers in the North York Knights Hockey Association include:

  • community involvement and diversity
  • fairness and sportsmanship
  • enjoyment of the game of hockey
  • respect and discipline

Gender Identity and Gender Expression

North York is a multi-cultural community that takes pride in its diversity, embraces its residents and provides an environment of acceptance. Creating a culture and environment based on respect and inclusiveness is everyone’s responsibility. In the North York Knights Hockey Association, parents and players should have an environment to come forward and openly discuss and express concerns and needs as they arise. The NYKHA believes that each registered player has a right to be respected and treated equally and to enjoy an environment in hockey that is free from discrimination and harassment.  The NYKHA believes that where there is respect and inclusiveness, there is understanding and support. The application of these core values at all times ensures that participants, regardless of their race, religion, gender orientation can participate in an environment that is safe and acceptable. As such, the NYKHA’s Dressing Room Policy states that players, parents/guardians and staff/volunteers have the right to:

    1. respect and equal treatment;
    2. protection from discrimination/harassment;
    3. defining and expressing gender identity without fear;
    4. be referred to by self-identified name/pronoun;
    5. a safe & equitable access gender-segregated spaces; and
    6. privacy and confidentiality.

Thank you for your support of this Ontario Hockey Federation policy and commitment by the NYHA.


We welcome and rely on parents and other volunteers to be active participants within our organization. We could not offer the excellent programs that we do without the support of our many volunteers, whose time and energy is vital to everything that we do. Roles that are critical to the efficient functioning of Knights hockey include but are not limited to coaches (head and assistant) in all age divisions, managers of teams, divisional convenors, sponsorship contacts, uniform co-ordinators (ordering and distribution), equipment managers and fundraisers.