House League Convenors

Convenors are assigned to oversee each division. Any matter that requires a review by the Knights Executive must first be presented through the divisional Convenor. The role and responsibilities of a divisional Convenor is outlined below:

  • Oversees the activities of the division, including competitive balancing activities and special events, such as divisional tournaments and Finals day
  • Convenes a coach meeting of all Head and Assistant Coaches in the division to promote the Association’s overall objective of ensuring an enjoyable hockey experience for all players
  • Ensures that all Head Coaches within the division have a copy of the current NYKHA Rules and Policies, as well as a copy of amendments to the rules, if any, pertaining to the current season
  • Presents any matters or issues arising from the division to the NYKHA Executive for discussion, review and adjudication
  • Represents the NYKHA in dealing with any incident meriting attention which may occur at the arena
  • Reviews automatic suspensions assessed by the Game Officials and communicates any matters relating to a disciplinary review

The following table lists the Convenors for the various divisions in the House League of the North York Knights Hockey Association in 2014-2015.

Learn to Play: York Mills & Pleasantview Rob Sondermeyer:
Learn to Play: St Mike’s Arena Mike Wren:
Tyke-Minor Novice TBD
Novice TBD
Minor Atom TBD
Atom-Minor PeeWee TBD
PeeWee-Minor Bantam TBD
Bantam-Minor Midget TBD
Midget TBD