The North York Knights Hockey Association takes pride in providing the opportunity for players to participate in various levels of hockey, consistent with each player’s level of skill and interest. Our association offers several programs: a Learn To Play program that channels the younger players into House League hockey – essentially a recreational level of play – as well as the more competitive Select program via the North York Hockey League (NYHL) and its member clubs. In addition, the North York Knights Hockey Association is affiliated with the North York Knights of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) which offers players participation at the A and AA divisions, each offering an increasingly competitive brand of hockey for the players. These programs are briefly described below.

Learn To Play

The Knights Hockey Association has been teaching Learn To Play hockey in Toronto for over 50 years with the original sessions (and still ongoing) at the historic St. Michaels College Arena (Bathurst and St. Clair). The program has grown to include other sessions at the York Mills, Bayview and Pleasantview arenas. The Learn To Play program has been recognized as one of the best in Toronto allowing the players to progress to the house league, Select or GTHL level of hockey depending on their skill level. The various learn to play hockey and learn to skate programs operated by the Knights Hockey Association share the same philosophy of quality introductory skating and hockey instruction in a fun, supportive and nurturing environment. The programs are run by experienced coaching staff, and have established a strong continuity of drills and progressions as the children move from level to level in preparation for house league and Select hockey. The program is structured by grouping children with their peers in skill level after several weeks of careful assessment and skill evaluation. This enables the children to advance over the course of the year through pre-determined progressions from basic skating to hockey skills to hockey games, in preparation for house league and Select hockey in the Tyke and Minor Novice divisions.

Extended Learn To Play

This program is intended for players aged 8-14 who can already skate to some degree but who have never played organized hockey. Skills are developed in a fun and low stress environment. Most players enter house league the following year. Some stay in the program for a couple years, and in some cases, where the player develops quickly and there is room within house league, a player may be moved up to house league during their first year of play.

Advanced Learn To Play

This program provides a second ice-time for the more advanced Learn To Play participants and is most suited to returning LTP students. Advanced LTP offers power skating and hockey drills that provide a slightly more challenging level of play than our regular LTP and provide more full-ice games. There is also a rotation of players through the goalie position and each player has a chance to play goalie. Please note that Advanced Learn To Play in most seasons is offered subject to ice availability and to demand. Click here to go to LEARN TO PLAY.

House League

The House League program is primarily intended to provide players aged from 6 (Tykes) to 17 (Midget Senior) years old with the opportunity to play purely recreational hockey. There are no tryouts and all players receive an equal amount of ice time, without regard to ability or experience. Each player is assigned a team in the appropriate age division and all games are then scheduled weekly on Sunday evenings against other North York Knights Hockey Association teams within the same age division. All House League teams, with the exception of the Midget division, are also scheduled for a practice each week. Practices are generally scheduled on Saturday mornings or afternoons.

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Teams are made up of House League players and represent North York Knights in competitive play against the Select teams drawn from other house league hockey associations. North York Knights Select teams play regularly in the North York Hockey League (NYHL), and participate in various tournaments throughout the season. Select teams are, in effect, All-Star teams, comprised of House League players. Team members are chosen from the House League teams through tryouts, usually held in late September and early October. Tryouts are open to all registered North York Knights House League players only. Players chosen for a Select team must continue to play for their House League team as well as their Select team. This means that these players will be scheduled for a Select game and a Select team practice each week in addition to their regular house league game and practice. Select games are generally scheduled on week nights and Select practices on Sunday mornings.

For more information regarding the NYHL and its hockey program, please click here to be redirected to the NYHL website.

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The North York Knights Hockey Association is affiliated with the North York Knights who operate teams playing in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). The GTHL hockey is geared toward the most serious and competitive players and begins at the Minor Atom (9 years old) level. The teams in the GTHL play in one of three divisions based on the calibre of the team’s play: the divisions are A, AA, and AAA; A the lowest, AA in the middle and AAA the most competitive. The North York Knights have teams in both the A and AA divisions from the Minor Atom to the Midget Senior level. GTHL players are not permitted to play on a House League, Select or any other GTHL team. GTHL try-outs are held in the month of April each year for the following season starting in September. The GTHL age groupings are listed below.

GTHL’s Division & Age Bracket (as of December 31st in the season)

Minor Atom Up to 9 Atom Up to 10 Minor PeeWee Up to 11 PeeWee Up to 12 Minor Bantam Up to 13 Bantam Up to 14 Minor Midget Up to 15 Midget Junior Up to 16 Midget Senior Up to 17

For more information regarding the GTHL and its hockey program, please click here to be redirected to the GTHL website.